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Open the Creative Cloud desktop app. (Select the icon in your Windows taskbar or the macOS menu bar.). Press Windows + R, type “replace.me” in the dialogue box and press Enter. Locate Adobe CC and after right-clicking, select Uninstall. If you. The Creative Cloud desktop app can only be uninstalled if all Creative Cloud apps (such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro) have.

I am stuck on deleting the Adobe Photoshop CC file folder from – Microsoft Community – Changelog :

replace.me › Post Processing. How to uninstall Creative Cloud apps · Open the Creative Cloud desktop app. · On the All Apps page, select the More actions icon next to the app.


Can’t Uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud? Here Are the Fixes


So when you download LR from the Adobe site for use on your second computer does it simply allow you to do so without a prompt for payment?

The reason I ask is I currently have LR5 on my laptop but am purchasing a mac very soon. So you can download the 5. Hi Victoria, I just did exactly what Steve was talking about. I have gone to the adobe website to download LR5 onto my new Mac and it is prompting me that I need to buy or try there is no download or redownload button. You can still download LR5 and reinstall it with your existing serial number.

I asked the the forum but I will here as well. I transferred from old mac to new mac with maverick. L4R looked fine and everything is there.

Hi Catherine. If not, that would confirm a permissions issue, which is easily fixed. I followed your instructions for transfer and everything went perfectly. This was despite having to move from LR v3. Moving LR was the really scary bit of the whole move, but actually went a lot easier than I could have imagined. The key is to have a logical hierarchy of pictures on your PC before moving.

I used an old 1tB external USB2 drive for the transfer and moved 58, pictures without issue. Thank you. Excellent article. Is it possible to install LR5 on the new computer and move the LR4 catalog to LR5 — or upgrade the old computer first and then move it? Hi Joe. Yes, either will work. That way if something goes wrong, you only have to go back a step rather than starting over.

Also, the LR5 catalog upgrade looks for the original files to grab some extra metadata, and if you do it at the same time as moving to the new computer, it might not be able to find them.

Thanks you so much!!! I messed things up completely during relinking, but this helped me fix things…. When i do, the catalog is blank. Anything I can do i about this — in the meantime i will get the trial of LR3 and then open catalog there and upgrade.

The upgrade should work correctly. It took me a lot of ferreting around to find out that all I had to do to get LR onto the second computer was to log on to my Adobe account and download. Adobe support gave me completely erroneous information, and told me that I had to inactivate the subscription on the first machine. Sorry to hear you had so much hassle John. The only hassle was with Adobe.

As always I took great comfort from having your clear instructions by my side. You may not fully appreciate how much we depend on you. I just bought a new computer and am having issues with transferring my Lightroom Catalog over. When I start from scratch on new computer and re-import images from E drive, thereby building a new catalog, I can no longer see any of my soft proofs.

I must be doing something wrong that is quite simple to change? Or, I could just ignore the Softproofs, being that I have written down what I have changed on them. Maybe I am missing other things also, but never checked to see if flags. Hi Scott. So I decided to delete all my files in my Working Files folder on new computer and re-copy them over from my old computer. I am going to also re-copy and move the Lightroom 5.

Do I need to transfer the Lightroom 4 catalog as well as the Lightroom 5 catalog? Mac is dead. All my photos are on external drives ,2 of the.

Photo 1 and photo 2 should be formatted to fat Plus I need to add a photo 3 a new one Thank you Ron. Check step 6 above. So I am changing from a Mac to a PC. I have all my photos and the catalogs on external hard drives formatted for Mac that are not currently PC compatible.

The disk space it takes up is about 6tb. Thanks for your tip about HFS. I understand that these operating systems have come a long way in therms of communication. So should I plan to format my disks to a pc native drive format after the data is backed up on a PC?

Alos which is faster and more seemless? FAT32 is a pretty old file system and not without its issues. I just purchased Adobe Lightroom 5.

I currently have a PC and will soon be getting a Mac. Am I safe to do this as long as I have it installed only on one computer at a time? The license is cross-platform and allows you to install it on 2 machines for your own use at any one time. You may be my only chance! Up until recently I used Lightroom 4 on PC laptop for all my editing and i have photos in that catalog. I then got a Mac desktop, upgraded to Lightroom 5 and someone I know kindly installed all my presets.

All is going well up until now. I now need to urgently transfer my catalog of photos over to my Mac. Should the files be on my desktop hard drive and if so where do I put them on a mac? I hope I am making sense. I am so confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hi Trisha. Did you get the hang of the hierarchy bit? The photos can stay on the Capsule just fine. It can go wherever you like. By default they go in a Lightroom folder that you create inside the Mac Pictures folder, but you can store it wherever you fancy.

Thanks Victoria for such a quick reply. I get what you mean about the catalog on the Hard drive so I copied the catalog. When I tried to open the catalog it said I had to upgrade and then only photos were shown instead of When I opened the preview lrdata file no photos were present.

All my presets have been disabled too in develop mode. I prob should get someone in to do this for me before I make any more silly mistakes. Still got the old machine up and running? That seems to have worked and all my presets are now working again. Thank you so much. You are amazing! All the files are missing so I guess my punishment for total lack of hierarchy is to find their file path one by one.

Should only take until next week!! Thanks again. Great job! Just one little dilemma left to solve. I have managed to link most files but I now suspect that I have created two catalogs if that makes sense. I have all the photos from my old PC transferred but the photos I have taken since I started using my Mac are no longer in my Lightroom. Does that make any sense to you at all.

Thanks in advance. I really appreciate any help. No trouble, all you need to do is merge those catalogs. Back them all up before you continue. In the next dialog, press OK and all of the settings will be copied into the open catalog. Thanks Victoria. I find the file but nothing appears to happen. Thanks again for the help. Well done! Hi Victoria, I have been reading up on your post and its very informative. I apologise if this seems a little out of topic with the current post, however I stumbled upon this post because of the file links.

I am just trying to start up using lightroom and am trying to set up my files so that only my original photos are in the external harddrive. I intend to keep my lightroom catalog file in dropbox where it can be synced. Is there any way I can set up the directory links to the external harddrive, without having to relink it everytime i swap out the external drive.

From my understanding the directory names for mac os are slightly diffrent from windows, in that the external drive lettering is dropped e. Thanks in advance and sorry if this is not relevant with this topic. Hi Nick. But if you have enough space on your Dropbox account, have you considered using Smart Previews? Then you could work most of the time without the external drive, and just plug the drive in when you need to edit in external editors i.

Photoshop or output top quality files. I am also moving my lighroom catalog and images to DropBox so that I can access the full catalog and pictures from all of my computers and they stay in sync.

The entire process looks straightforward thank you. If I move everything to DropBox and open Lightroom on a different computer, will everything continue to sync properly? Thank you! Hi Bobby. Thank you for your helpful website and this article has been just what I was looking for! I am wondering if there is a way to use this opportunity of reinstalling to make LR run faster. But I am confused when it comes to how to start off fresh but still be able to have access to my previous LR photos.

Maybe another way to ask you is, how do I make LR do everything faster? Thanks again! I read your site when initially setting it up.

Hi Leslie, sorry for the delay replying. Are you into the hundreds of thousands yet? What are you finding slow particularly? Thanks so much for replying! My new computer is fast at this point because it has a newer processor, but my old one was very slow to display photos when I would try to click through them using the arrow key. They start out pixelated and then it would take a few seconds to display without pixelation. Hi Leslie. Aaaaah, is tiny! The biggest known catalog was 1.

For future imports, make sure Standard is selected in the File Handling panel of the Import dialog too. Keeping your catalog on an internal drive is a bit faster than an external drive. Let me know if you have any trouble! That is funny that I thought that my library was completely out of hand being over 3K photos. I have a retina display, so not sure if that means I have to go to , or if I can choose a different option. The choices go from to with about 3 choices in between those extremes.

Does that make sense? If you always keep the panels open, you might get away with the next size down. Sent from my iPad. Hi Victoria, I hope I am not repeating a question you have previously answered but here goes. I have LR 5. Since I already have LR 5. Victoria: Thanks so much for your writing — they are always clear and to the point. I have been using a PC until now. I keep all my photos and cats on an external raid drive Drobo connected via USB2.

Q1: When the photo count reached K, I saw some slowness, mainly in loading and backup. So, I have started using new catalogs for each year. Should I continue to do that or should I combine all cats into one giant. One big advantage in one big cat is searching is easier. I have also purchased a new Thunderbold Drobo hoping it will be faster. If speed is my top priority, which of these do you recommend?

At least then when you need to search, you only have 2 catalogs to look through. For your new Mac, congratulations, nice machine!!! Is the Mac going to become your primary machine, or do you still need to access the Drobo from Windows too?

If so, your Mac will be able to read it. Victoria, thanks for the advice. I am not sure at this time. The new one will be HFS as you suggest. Q1: Should I merge all catalogs on the old machine and transfer the merged catalog to the Mac or should I transfer all catalogs first then merge? Currently, the old Drobo has been assigned the letter X on the PC. Do I need to worry about this identification when I transfer to the Mac? Q2: I know that there a small number of photos that got duplicated into more than one catalog.

Does this cause a problem on merge? Yes, I understand. Merge first, then transfer. I also see what you say about duplicates.

Will so as you suggest. Will start reading it right away! Victoria, thanks for clearing up a lot of things for me. I went through your steps, but I skipped Step 1 because I thought I was kind of ok with my hierarchy nope, I realise now I just misunderstood.

Do you have any suggestions? This is my first time using a Mac after having a PC for years, so I feel totally out of my depth. You might have just gone a little too far. Thanks for your quick reply. Screenshot was perfect. Ok, so Lightroom thinks the Diskstation is offline at the moment. If you look in Finder, can you see your Diskstation listed as a mounted drive? If not, can you mount it so you can see it in Finder, and then check back to see if Lightroom puts a little colored rectangle next to its name instead of the dark grey one?

Worst case scenario, you might need to right-click on , choose Find Missing Folder and navigate to the folder, and then repeat for , , , etc. Thank you so much again for your reply. Does this mean anything to you? As I said, I know nothing about Macs, so Finder makes no sense to me… yet. Forget it. Do collections need to be dragged across separately, or do they come over with the catalogue?

Prepping for an upgrade to Win8. The photos in the collections are in folders on the hard drive, of course, so the other instructions still apply. Where are the lightroom preferences stored on a macbook pro with the latest OS X Mavericks The Library folder on In Finder, hold down the Opt Alt key while going to the Go menu to make it show up in that menu. I am able to see my catalogs, but there is a question mark beside them on the left, by their folders, then an exclamation beside each image.

When I right click on the image and try to locate it on my external hard drive then it asks if I want to find all other images nearby. When I said yes, it deleted all of my images from that folder! Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong? Thank you, hopefully that will be the case! I have a wedding I am trying to process! Should I move everything off of it, then format it, then put it back on? Did the move like you said, everything relating to photos, structure and location is fine.

How the heck do I find that meta data I suppose and pull that in to the new computer and LR 5? Hi addwax. If you look in the Metadata panel for a photo that used to be labeled, you should fine the label name is still listed there.

Are you running the latest update? And the latest drivers for your computer, especially the graphics card? And have you tried all the standard stuff like rebooting? Hi victoria, LR 5. Hi Victoria, thanks so much for this awesome tutorial. Quick question: my wife will be moving to a mac from a PC shortly.

She currently has Lightroom 4 but I want to upgrade her to lightroom 5. Can I buy just an upgrade license or will I need to pay the non-upgrade amount? Also, you suggest doing the transfer and the upgrades as separate steps. Could you tell me a bit more about that in terms of which order and how etc? Order of transfer vs. Check everything looks ok on the old machine, install LR5 on the new machine and start moving the files.

The rest of the transfer runs as above. Hi, Can you transfer lightroom 3 presets PC to lightroom 3 on a mac. I bought a new computer and its a mac and I want to transfer all of my hundreds of presets.

Is this possible? Thanks, Steve. Hi Steve. Yes, the same principles apply as above. Thanks so much for putting this up, just migrating from PC to Mac so this is a lifesaver!

One question before I start: the link in the article re. Would you mind listing them again, or putting up the correct link? Thanks again, Nic. Thanks for letting me know. Did I miss a step? Eh, disregard my last question. So my 27 inch 3. I am doing a clean install of Yosemite. Version before was also just as slow. The computer used to be fast.

Will doing all these steps keep my rating number in my catalog when I re install on the new hard drive following all the steps above. My catalog is about mb and I want to make sure all my ratings move over as I have spend hundreds of hours going through images editing. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Victoria! OK, so…The drive letter has changed for the parent folder. All 65K images are now one big continuous mishmash. The heirharchy I used is no longer visible. How do I get all my photos to show up within their appropriate subfolders so I can find things again?? I think I have one BIG mess on my hands. So if you look in Explorer, can you still find your hierarchy of folders and subfolders somewhere?

Yes… the husband actually has been very helpful in upgrading the system… just got into a little trouble transferring the LR stuff. I do believe he did an import because I did notice that some of my edits, etc did not transfer over. Also… I am have really complicated things because I read somewhere about building previews so i started that running on my computer.

Oh my… have it doubled, triple saved everything and clogged up all my memory? We can go back and clean that up. Did you find a backup catalog or the catalog you were previously working on?

WHERE can you see a list of all your original work? OK… so sorry…. Posted 04 August – PM. Please allow me some time to examine the new logs and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Posted 05 August – AM. Here are some observations for your consideration. However if you still wish to keep it, please do not use until we are finished and your computer is clean and updated.

Important: This script was written specifically for you, for use only on this machine. Running this on another machine may cause damage to your operating system. Please copy the contents from this text file and paste them into your next reply. Also please provide an update on how your computer is running now. Posted 05 August – PM. Posted 06 August – PM.

That’s good news. Posted 08 August – PM. Posted 09 August – AM. Please clarify why you wish to Disable Windows Defender and advise exactly what happens when you try to do it. I should have advised you earlier that the Fitgirl site is legitimate. Please copy the contents from this text file and paste into your next reply.

To summarize, I’d like to see the following in your next reply. Details of what happens when you try to disable Windows Defender. Posted 09 August – PM. Well, for windows defender even if i disable it from group policy it just turns itself on again after a while or a restart,. Community Forum Software by IP. Sign In Create Account.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Register a free account to unlock additional features at BleepingComputer. Welcome to BleepingComputer , a free community where people like yourself come together to discuss and learn how to use their computers. Using the site is easy and fun. As a guest, you can browse and view the various discussions in the forums, but can not create a new topic or reply to an existing one unless you are logged in.

Other benefits of registering an account are subscribing to topics and forums, creating a blog, and having no ads shown anywhere on the site. Click here to Register a free account now! Please log in to reply. Posted 02 August – AM So i was looking for help on a bsod im having and the guy that was helping me pointed out that i haven open connections to fake fitgirl websites.

Back up any important data, as a precaution before starting this process. Beka 26 november , – Reply I can’t download the bundle : the link just opens a page with lots of strange symbols.

I still have an old brush set of yours, so its not that bad, but I would have liked to have this one, there are some pretty usefull looking new ones in there. Normal if there is bugs and breakage. I’ll study how to adapt for 3. Fei 06 december , – Reply really thank you bro. Kacper 09 december , – Reply Wtf, how do I download this? I downloaded the zip file from the site you linked and when I tried importing into krita, it didn’t work.

It just opened the folder, and then I tried importing the folders inside the main folder, it just opened them, pls help. Kacper 09 december , – Reply oh nvrmind I did something wrong just don’t answer this comment I’m retarded lol.

I might have something like this around. I’ll see if I can release before Holidays. Anista alpharo 12 december , – Reply Thank you so much for your efforts merci beaucoup et bon courage. Tad Davis 23 december , – Reply Hi David, thanks so much for these. Quick question for you. Will the v8. If not, were you planning another update for these for the new release?

Eric 06 january , – Reply Hi David, I just posted a comment that I downloaded the latest version 8. I assume you downloaded the source file because you said it’s a zip.

I unzipped the file then renamed the folder to deevad-v Are you using another web browser Chrome, Firefox? Maybe issues with IE 11? David Revoy Author , 06 january , – Reply Ha, that’s sounds like an issue of the browser. Yes, here I’m using last Firefox on Manjaro Linux. I can right click on the bundle and perform a ‘save-link-as’. You don’t need to extract the zip you have ; just rename it to deevad-v I’ll try to improve the download experience for the user of IE on the next brushkit update.

David Revoy Author , 06 january , – Reply Ha good news! Thanks for the feedback. Eric 06 january , – Reply David I figured out a workaround, as a suggestion for anyone else that runs into this issue: click on the download “deevad-v Change the defaulted. Tauka 24 december , – Reply Hello, David, enormous, big, fat thanks for your sharing! However, I do not have opportunity to download it, the website seems down.

Hope you make it work, good luck P. Chezz 26 december , – Reply Thank you so much for these David! And by the way it seems to be working fine on Krita 3.

It happened when I gently drew a thin line but upon releasing the stylus, the line instantly becomes slightly thick and a little darker. This was resolved by just restarting Krita but I thought you ought to know. I have downloaded the bundle but I cant figure out how to get them onto Krita Gemini. Eric 06 january , – Reply Hi is this compatible with Krita v 3.

I downloaded and unzipped the file but when attempting to import, it doesn’t find any file to open. Scroptels Gluzar 09 january , – Reply Hey David, if i only want one of the brushes of your bundle the air brush how can i import that only?

The preset might require the brush-tip too. Scroptels Gluzar 09 january , – Reply Thank you very much :. Sarah 10 january , – Reply Thank you so much for this amazing brushkit! I thought you want to know 😀 Greetings from Germany. Nova 15 january , – Reply Ok, wait I figured out that is is an issue with my Browser, everyone who has the same problem: Try with Chrome or Explorer :.

But bundle are already zip. Non-sens layer on top of non-sens Luna 16 january , – Reply Thank you for making these brushes : you are awesome thanks. Fran 22 january , – Reply Thank you for sharing Alex 29 january , – Reply Thank you! The brushes are amazing! Katherine 06 february , – Reply Thank you for sharing these I’ve only just begun dabbling with Krita, so I’m a bit of a no0b with it – but it’s a pretty slick program to paint with.

Doesn’t feel like it’s trying to fight me so much. You are very inspiring too, love your stuff. If I load your brushes, will I loose the Krita’s ones?

Jennifer 12 february , – Reply Hi, I don’t know if you know the answer to this. But after installing your brush kit, I now get this short horizontal line right under my brush cursor and I can’t make it go away no matter what brush I use. I’m still new to Krita, so any ideas? Also thank you so much for sharing your brush sets!!! Maybe you use a system with auto-update and a system update changed your graphic driver? Maybe it was so close in the timeline with installing the preset it suddently was related?

Let me know! Jennifer 12 february , – Reply I think you may be right! I looked at my recently installed programs, and my graphics driver automatically updated the same night I installed the brush kit. Unfortunately, Windows 10 likes to keep automatically updating when I try to rollback the driver, so I haven’t been able to test it to see if that’s the reason for sure.

But I think it is. When I have more time I’ll try to find a way to fix that. Moving your brush kit to “inactive bundles” doesn’t solve the problem. Thank you for your advice! Jackie 13 february , – Reply Just getting started with Krita and I love every one of these brushes. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Appreciate it! Joel 19 february , – Reply Spectacular! I’ve always preferred the brush engine in Krita but I’d get so bogged down trying to modify my own brushes that I never really worked with the program as much as I wanted.

Now I can just start painting. I’m very grateful for your efforts and expertise. Michael Ivarsson 01 march , – Reply not having any luck with the brush bundle installation..

Let us get this straight, is the deevad-v It looks interesting, I managed to download the zip extract the bundle file withing, but I just extracted to desktop and then located the bundle from there and installed through the manager, I can see the deevad 8. Raincole 02 march , – Reply I just started learning Krita and this brush set amazed me! I just want to say you’re my hero. Barz 06 march , – Reply You’re basically my hero. Michel Montenegro 08 march , – Reply How can I use the “Blending” brush, I can not make the transition as it appears in the image, everything is blurred.

David Revoy Author , 08 march , – Reply Blending needs a particular attention to the direction of the stroke and preserving the edges. The stroke must follow your volumes. Michel Montenegro 08 march , – Reply There are other gifs like this for the other brushes, it was very illustrative!

Michel Montenegro 08 march , – Reply Should I press and rub the brush? To rub the blend as in gif? Michel Montenegro 08 march , – Reply David the Blend brush, should I rub in “zig and zag”, or give light strides?

David Revoy Author , 09 march , – Reply Yes, cross hatching gently in a direction and on another angle helps to smooth. The direction are selected to follow the plane of the surface. Training with this type of shape box helps. Revoy, From Baltimore, Maryland. ArtfulButterfly 08 march , – Reply Thank you so much sir for these brushes!!! You are the most generous artist ever!

And my favorite too! I would never have gotten back to painting if i hadn’t seen your videos and website! David Revoy Author , 09 march , – Reply Thanks for the feedback! Jennifer 09 march , – Reply Thank you so much for your brush presets! I just started with krita and find your brush pack to be a perfect starting point.

Barbara 09 march , – Reply Thank you very much! Ugo Yak 11 march , – Reply Do you have plans to add your new “Charcoal Pencils” brushes in this bundle in future?

Thanks for all! Megalodon 14 march , – Reply Absolutely fucking amazing. Thank you so much David. Carro 15 march , – Reply Hi! I have a question, I’m using Krita 3. I wonder if there is maybe a newer version that I have to update to, and if so, will my old unfinished art work not be able to open in the new version? I don’t know if this made any sense, but it would be really nice if you could answer this.

And your art is really beautiful, I appreciate what you do. They can’t broke anything. If your Krita works well for 3. The next version 3. Your old unfinished art should be safe! It works like a brush and puts down paint UNLESS the user hits the E key to turn it into an eraser just like all other brushes can be turned into erasers.

I loaded an empty configuration vanilla Krita 3. What version of Krita do you use and on what system? Also, check if you don’t have a local modification of the brush in your paintoppresets local folder. It would override the one in the bundle Borhan 20 march , – Reply As you mention this is quite a manual based approach and can see using it only for really demanding requirements.

Was wondering if you can also recommend any good fonts that you would recommend for a similar, if admittedly not quite as good, effect? Money 22 march , – Reply You’re so kind thank you so much. Tbh you inspire me to do more and more! Of course I know Drawpile : I tested it last month for the release of the appimage version ; that’s very cool. I like the project ; but I never could try it in network. I found the GUI to do the first connection a bit hard to understand.

Somehow, I was expecting something like videogames “server list” on start ; just a list of server with amount of user, and a name for the theme. I even don’t know if it’s possible to make it this way. Maybe I can chat on a IRC channel? I guess drawpile on freenodes? Holo 06 april , – Reply OMG!

It’s a big honor that you used it! I can put you in direct contact with the main developer to listen your opinions! He will get pretty excited about that! I’m sure!

You are like a hero for us juejuejue My discord is sorry for the nickname, is because my brother gift me a sword with that name Holocausto Have a great day David! Holo 07 april , – Reply Well it’s a bit complicated tbh, but the main channels we use to communicate directly and in a friendly way is Facebook and Discord mainly.

I told to Calle the main developer about your reply yesterday, and he was pretty excited to hear feedback and ideas from you Mr. We try to make a nice place in where ppl can join and discover the joy of draw with more ppl n. It was such a beautiful experience, and I want that more ppl can access to it n. Sorry I tend to speak a lot when I’m excited! Please Mr.

David give us a glance n. Have a lovely day. Dixie 12 april , – Reply These are fantastic! Profissional Web 18 april , – Reply I have no words.

Thanks for sharing this. Alexandra 01 may , – Reply Thank you so so much for sharing!! Bursty 16 may , – Reply Thank you so much! I just started using Krita and I have no money for patreon tutorials or better programs. Bravo my friend. Monika 19 june , – Reply Highly energetic blog, I liked that a lot off. Brian 20 june , – Reply Thank you for all this. I have discovered by accident that the overview of your brushes make an excellent mini-tutorial on how to use Krita, or art software in general.

Many young artists who have doodled in their homework all their lives only know how to use a pencil. These little examples of what the tools do is a great way to get them started.

John Collado 20 june , – Reply Hi David I really enjoy watching and learning from your videos, you have a new, fresh approach to painting that I really enjoy and would like to incorporate into my work flow.

I look forward to future videos. Stay well. Thomas 21 june , – Reply Thank you David A true artist and a gentleman. The spirit of Open Source makes the most generous people. Your videos are amazing. Continue to inspire us all.

Agatha 28 june , – Reply OMG! I love you Thank you so much! Arthur Ella 28 june , – Reply Hello David. I just wanted to for all these amazing brushes. The brushes will be very useful. Thanks a lot. Scarlet 28 june , – Reply Do you have any for a different version?

Can you describe what step you made for it to not work? Encore une fois, merci beaucoup. Ember 09 july , – Reply Wow! All of these brushes are simply amazing! One question though, the blend tool sometimes decreases the opacity of the stuff I’m using it on Is that intentional? Can you tell me more about it? Ember 09 july , – Reply Hmmm Colin, only you will have these answers. Thanks in advance. Any thoughts? I saw this too, I figured out a workaround — I opened the images in Illustrator, then cut and pated them into Photoshop and they were nice an smooth.

A new update came out today, let me know if it fixes the issue. Printing always worked fine for me from CS5 to cc, but is terrible. It works for a while then bombs out at random times whenever I try to open the Print dialogue. It also does not remember document Print preferences. Every time you reset Preferences you have to re-enter all of your personalised settings and reload all presets.

You also lose the entire list of recently opened documents. Hi Colin, thanks for your great videos — been following you for many years now! So I have done as you recommended: reset preferences and allowed for legacy compositing. PS crashes when using lightning effects via smart filters. Have y come across it? Any solution? I have to un-check it every time — it didnt do that before — is there anyway to fix that and permanently un-check it?

I run windows 7. Other items do not always work like the properties select tool,. When I open photoshop my screen is blank. No anything. No home screen. When I go to new, nothing happens. Just blank screen. The only way I can work on it is to bridge my image from Lightroom and edit in photoshop and even then, if the file size is too big it freezes when I save.

I have been try ing to get my lighting effects filter to work.. I have Radeon Pro X 8 GB on my hard drive and i was told this is one of the top of the line cards for graphics…Do you have any suggestions how i might fix this? Thanks for your video.. It was great.. Hey Colin, I have left comments on 2 of your lens blur tutorials photoshop I can not get passed the step after making my background copy.

I have taken a picture but do not know how or where to send it to you so you can see that the preview area in the filter shows only the checkers of the transparent background.

As I was watching this video I went back into with the saved tif from and the filter works magnificently. This is of course Very inconvenient having to switch between the 2 versions.

I did everything you said to do for all the other issues you touched on just in case it may work for my issue. Can you please help? I downloaded Creative Cloud for Windows 10 64 bit, but every time I try to install Photoshop, it stalls. It gets stuck at different percentages each time. It can sit for an hour and never move beyond the percentage it was at before. When we go to print, PS says that a printer has not been selected.

Printing works Fine in all the other Adobe, MS, et al, applications. Just not PS. Everything worked fine until PSCC , thereabouts. HELP, if you can. Hi Colin, i have had this problem for a while now, when i use lighting effects it does not work properly. It is kind of hard to explain but i will give it a go, when i go into lighting effects nothing happens except if i use the ambience slider it darkens the image, there is no directional light when you move the various effects away, my drivers are up to date and i have not been able to find a fix, some guidance will be much appreciated.

Hey Colin, thanks for the tips. I really like the new shapes and the way to uncover the new gradients. I have a problem that I would like your help with. After I release the mouse, it does appear as it always did, in the color cyan. The top application bar is completely invisible and i cannot see what i am selecting, the layer tabs are completely gone, whenever i open a new project the menu is visible in the background and the color picker and several key points to Photoshop are gone.

Sorry if this is an annoyance to you. Here is an easy peasy one for you. Since the update my font sizes are displayed in pixels not points. I would very much like them back in points. I imagine there is a setting somewhere but I cannot find it. I have tried the Reset Tool option with no success. Can you help. Hi, since updating to I have lost the Date File Created element in my metadata. It only shows the time created now, so I have no way of knowing when I took the image.

Can anyone help? I did download legacy shapes, as the new ones seemed mostly useless to me. Then I tried one of the tree shapes, packaged with the dead pine. PS froze or was super slow and I was unable to quit or force quit PS. Is there a workaround? I am unable to paste into Photoshop any vector object no-matter how simple it is, it would not give me that pop-up option if I wanted to import vector as a smart object or shape, etc. Copying from Illustrator to Indesign works just fine though.

I just updated to I have a fresh install on a new MacBook, running for about 10 days now. As you mentioned, restarting Photoshop fixes the problem only for a while. Adobe — I am now having to copy masks from other documents as a workaround. Have to restart PS often to be able to mask items?? Please advise. It seems it can only be viewed from the program and not on its own.

What could be causing this issue? Do you know how I can restore this? Hi Colin, I have a problem with the Gradient Map. But when I move the Black and White Stops on the sliders the image is not altered. I can add stops to the sliders and the image changes until I put in a correct Brightness Value but moving the sliders has no effect on the image.

How can I fix this? Photoshop can no longer open 3d pdf file without having a Parse Error.


Uninstall the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application – Photoshop 2020 Problems and Solutions


You may need relink the files if the relative folder location, or the drive letter for an external drive, changes as a result of the move. Doing so using a hierarchy right screenshot is much easier than a flat list of folders left screenshot. There are instructions on setting up a folder hierarchy here. Next, you need to make sure that all of the essentials are backed up—the catalogs, photos, preferences, presets, profiles, defaults, plug-ins and any other related files.

Click here for a full list of all the Lightroom files you need to include in your backups. For extra security, you may choose to write most of your settings to the files, in addition to your catalog backups.

You can learn more about the differences here. For LR5 and earlier, you can just download the latest update for your Lightroom version e. If your license is an upgrade version, you may need the serial number from an earlier version as well as the current Lightroom serial number. Most people use an external hard drive for the transfer, or a wired network connection.

The process of moving your catalog cross-platform is exactly the same as moving to a new machine of the same platform. You might find that there are question marks all over the folders or there are icons in the corners of the thumbnails—question marks in LR4, or rectangles with or without exclamation marks in LR5 and later.

Those warnings appear if the original photos can no longer be found at the previous known location. If the photos were stored on an external drive, but the Windows drive letter has changed, you can simply reset the drive letter.

Otherwise, right-click on the parent folder that we created in step 1, and choose Find Missing Folder from the context-sensitive menu, and navigate to the new location of that folder.

Relocate any other top level folders you should have one for each drive , until all of the photos are online. There are more details on reconnecting missing files here. Double check that all of your presets and templates appear correctly, for example, all of your Develop presets are available in the Develop module, to confirm that you copied all of the files correctly. Finally, you might find your plug-ins need reloading as the locations may have changed in the move.

If any plug-ins are incorrectly loaded or missing, add them again at their new locations. Note that these instructions are for a one-way move, for example, moving from an old computer to a new one, or reinstalling your operating system.

If you want to work on multiple computers, for example, transferring between a desktop and a laptop, check back for future blog posts. Save Save. Just pushed the button to buy a new computer, and was depressed about that thought of getting LR set up on it correctly and smoothly. Thank you!!! I bought a new windows computer and took my old hard drive and installed it into my new machine. Now, my LR6 opens and says my LR mobile trial has expired.

In Library, every thing seems to work. My files are all there, but when I select an image and go to Develop all I have is a pink or melon colored window. I guess I should reinstall LR6. Pink or melon colored or any weird color, for that matter would suggest either a corrupted monitor profile or a problem with the graphics card driver. I am about to go from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

My new computer uses a solid state drive for the operating program. I will see if there are any particular problems due to this change in letter of the drive. You are quick to respond. I had not thought of putting the catalog on the SSD. That sounds like an option I really need to consider.

As far as the hierarchy goes, though, I kind of like my hierarchy as is, for a few reasons. I have only nine top level folders showing in my tree. I may choose to keep those as is, and not bring their parent folder into Lightroom catalog. If so, will I simply have to go through the relinking process nine times? That is doable for me, and I get to keep my hierarchy as is. The hierarchy step is to avoid people having a flat list of dated folders and having to relink each in turn.

Your 9 should be no problem. Or you could add the parent, and then hide it again after the move. Same difference. I have performed this recently, and i have realize that, not sure why, i have lost flags for most of my photos. These are the details: I did your steps, and all looks to be migrated correctly. I checked old photos flags and I do not see it, but, instead of flags I have a whit custom color classification for some of them.

I am still analyzing what could be the issue and not sure if it comes for the computer migration or the update from Lightroom 4 to 5. Hi Daniel. Is LR4 still on the old computer? Can you confirm the flags are still on there? There are a couple of things that could have lost them. Importing photos afresh, or using Synchronize Folder could do it. Or they could have been local flags in LR3 — but they should be missing on LR4 too.

White color labels are a very simple fix. You could check back on the old computer to see which you had selected. I still have LG4 on the computer and I have checked that flags are there. The question now is how to move.

Additionally I thing that I also have lost virtual copies, but pretty sure I also have on LR4 library. So the new photos that are in the LR5 catalog — do you know where they are? How long ago did you move computers? And have you edited the old photos in the LR5 catalog? Final question for the minute — do you use Publish Services? No I am moving from the PC to a Mac. Checking this movement is when I realize that I lost things.

At the beginning I thought it was caused by the computer migration, but it seems that are for the version upgrade. I will try to compare LR4 and LR5 libraries and try to determine.

I thing that I did not edited old photos with LR5, in any case I would be small changes I can lost it…. Yes I use Publish services to flikr, in fact this is my next step, imagine if I would be able to re-link my published photos in case that I need to publish again.

But by the moment I am more than glad to have my library ok again. Ok, great. That will determine which one we choose to be the source vs. And I was able to get most of them. Now I am doing an exhaustive check, and I will maintain LR4 application and library some more time on my computer, but this will take time…. Well done Daniel. There was one change between LR3 and LR4 that flags became global instead of local.

Photos that were flagged in a collection are still accessible from the right-click menu for that collection. Hi… just found this thread in I have various Hard Drives spinning at the ready to access files.

So I get the C drive D drive etc. I even have several in FAT Hi Victoria. Thanks for the post — very helpful. I have one potentially very daft question. In accordance with the terms of the license, I understand you can use one copy of LR on up to two computers.

So when you download LR from the Adobe site for use on your second computer does it simply allow you to do so without a prompt for payment? The reason I ask is I currently have LR5 on my laptop but am purchasing a mac very soon. So you can download the 5. Hi Victoria, I just did exactly what Steve was talking about. I have gone to the adobe website to download LR5 onto my new Mac and it is prompting me that I need to buy or try there is no download or redownload button.

You can still download LR5 and reinstall it with your existing serial number. I asked the the forum but I will here as well. I transferred from old mac to new mac with maverick. L4R looked fine and everything is there. Hi Catherine. If not, that would confirm a permissions issue, which is easily fixed. I followed your instructions for transfer and everything went perfectly.

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