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Watchlist Where to Watch. The Big Bang Theory 12 Seasons. Mark Miller notices that the running time for all episodes is 22 minutes. Two nerdy physicists, Leonard and Sheldon, share an apartment and an unlikely friendship with their beautiful neighbour Penny. The life of these socially awkward physicists takes an adventurous turn with this free-spirited girl-next-door.

The show also highlights the chemistry among the friends and the developing romance between Leonard and Penny. Stephen Colbert hosts a late-night talk show. Two and a Half Men 12 Seasons. She was always a Miss-Know-It-All. She was always fixing everybody’s problems.

And she tried to be a friend to everyone. I’m not quite sure if I could stomach a person like her. She is likable, She is even lovable, and I can see where she would really bug me. But she would probably be great as a friend, though. I bought this first season after learning that the next three were available. I had wanted to purchase this season for awhile but I didn’t want to start buying another series that wasn’t being released.

The exception is, there is some sort of Promotional Material on Season 4, but that isn’t what I am referring to. Griffin, both wind up in bed with a cold, Hazel nurses the both of them. This is the episode that introduces the character Mr.

This is the only episode in this season that is in color. Plus, The “Hazel Theme Song” disappears after this episode. This is the only episode that George’s sister Phyllis and her husband Sam appears on the show. Phyllis was also the “sweet sister”. The introduction of the opening of the show changes on this episode. Hazel comes out of the front door and waves to The Baxter’s, who has returned from a trip. She rushes out to the car and hugs everybody. The client sees Hazel as someone who is meddling in his business.

So he demands that Hazel be fired. George disagrees. Hazel quits, but not for real, to work for The Johnson’s. Then her petition to prevent “Rainbow Lake” from being drained falls through and it becomes a thing of the past.

And Hazel returns home. But George intervenes and tries to set Stan up with one of his partner’s sister, which Hazel cleverly sabotages. When the cast is run at the end of this episode, Miss Lewis played by Renee Godfrey is mistakenly named as Miss Johnson. She was never referred to by that name. Besides, their was already a character name “Harriet Johnson”. Griffin is working George into a nervous breakdown so he decides to get an assistant and Hazel thinks she has the perfect choice.

But the idea interferes with Deirdre’s plans for George. Season One is the only season with this many episodes. Unfortunately, all of the main cast are gone. I have looked up just about all of the actors and actresses who were on Hazel and all but a few are left.

All of the actors who played “The Blake”s are all alive. She was a friend at “Krystle’s Bachelorette’s Party. Among the main cast, Bobby Buntrock passed away first, in Then in the early ‘s Shirley Booth passed away. Then not long after that, Don Defore passed away. And last, but not least, the beautiful Whitney Blake passed away, in It’s a shame that none of the cast lived long enough to see this series come to DVD.

But even then I would think that there might have been some archived interviews somewhere. Maybe there is something on “YouTube”. Also Whitney Blake was the first defendant on the “Perry Mason” series. I already had the rest of the Hazel seasons and saw the First Season at a reasonable price. I believe this was a used copy but it is an excellent copy.

It is in black and white but does not detract from the enjoyment of it at all, The discs played really well. It was so enjoyable to watch. One person found this helpful. Baxter, Its stuffed pork chops, your favorite! When Hazel came out in , I was still a baby not even old enough to turn on the TV. I was finding that I wasn’t really happy with the current offerings of the TV networks. Then, something finally struck me.

Instead of trying to find new shows that would fit my needs, I looked started to look for old shows. I bought the first season and I am so glad I did. Although too young to remember some of them, I was old enough to remember Hazel.

The family consists of “Mr. B” the attorney and head of the family, although if truth be known, I always felt Hazel was the one in charge. Missy, George’s wife, has known Hazel since she was a child and is the perfect complement to her husband.

An interior decorator with excellent taste, she and Hazel have a very loving relationship and Missy can be counted on to run interference when Hazel and Mr. B butt heads. Then there is the adorable Harold, better known as “Sport,” who is such a sweet little boy who worships Hazel and considers her a hero. The acting is superb and the storylines are anything but sappy. This series proves that wholesome programs have a place in society and with it, there is always a valuable lesson to be learned.

And while all of them are no longer with us, it is comforting that their brilliance is on record and the days when the simple things were the best can truly live on! Season two has come out but the digital transfer is not so hot. Washed out prints but they seem intact.

Funny the first season had one color episode that was exceptional about Hazel buying a color tv set. I just don’t understand why any after that would look worse. Shirley Booth plays that character so well sometimes I can’t stand her. I want to strangler her and fire her,dang Mr. B takes alot crap from Hazel. This is a comedy cause in real life I can’t see a maid taking over and ordering a family like she does.

But its that premise that makes the show work. She has the perfect big mouth and annoying voice Hazel should have. But at the end of every episode the main moral is be who you are and be proud of it. Sometimes Hazel bums out just being a maid but helps people with their everyday lives by being a nosy and caring person about humanity. A variety of episodes deal with Hazel putting snobs in their place. Glad to see season three so soon after two came out.

I like season five cause when they switched networks Hazel got a new Baxter family to take care along with Harold Bobby Buntrock the only original cast member to stay with the shows new format. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. I remember watching Hazel when I was about 10 years old and I liked it very much.

And I still like watching the show years later. Report abuse. This is a great family series I watched growing up and funny as well as good entertainment for the whole family. Loved it! I am a big Hazel fan. Loved watching this series. Now I can watch them all over again whenever. I love Hazel! It is warm, funny, sweet and charming.

Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Robert B. Donald Foster. Norma Varden. Howard Smith. Queenie Leonard. Molly Dodd. Cathy Lewis. Vinton Hayworth. Dee J. Dub Taylor. Joan Banks. George Mitchell. Sally Mansfield. Renee Godfrey. Walter Woolf King.



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May 17, Peter Warren Alan Hale, Jr. He only broke in to get some food because he has endured a long string of bad luck. Hazel feels sorry for him and has him spend the night.

George and Dorothy come home and find Peter in the guest bedroom. Hazel explains things and convinces them to let Peter stay. The next morning, Peter finds Dorothy’s diamond earrings and gives them to Hazel. Not knowing what happened, George believes Peter stole the earrings and calls the police.

Once they realize it was all a mistake, George refuses to sign a complaint. The police still take him away to check him out, but George manages to get him freed.

May 24, When Hazel finds out that the family that Rosie Maudie Prickett works for had air conditioning installed in their home, Hazel pesters Mr B. George refuses because it would cost too much. Meanwhile, George is upset that he hasn’t been made a partner at his law firm yet. George invites his boss, Mr. Butterworth over for dinner in hopes of getting the promotion. Hazel wheels and deals between Mrs. Merryweather’s Virginia Gregg Antique shop and Charlie’s Mario Siletti shop to finally be able to get an portable air conditioner.

The Butterworth’s arrive for dinner. With help from Hazel’s meal and the air conditioner, George is made a full partner. May 31, George decides to hire an assistant to help him at his law office.

Hazel thinks it is a great idea and has a friend’s son in mind, Alan Merrick. Griffin brings over Gail Sanders Maggie Pierce , who just graduated law school and happens to be gorgeous. George would like to speak with Alan as well, as George thinks he may prefer a male assistant. Alan comes by and sees Gail, who happens to be Alan’s ex-girlfriend.

Alan and Gail were engaged and hoped to open a law practice together, but they couldn’t agree on which town to do it. Hazel manages to get the couple back together. William Beckley appears as Jack. Nesdon Booth as Mr. Note: This episode was the last to be filmed in black-and-white. Susie overhears this and fires June. Still determined that Hazel not appear at the wedding, June calls Hazel from the airport and tells her she is not welcome. Realizing what has happened, Susie has John call Hazel and invite her.

Harold Gould appears as Mr. September 27, Rosie’s boss, Dr. Craig, signs her to a five-year contract. At first Hazel says that she has no interest in a contract. But after both have a bad dream about it, George and Hazel decide she should be signed to a similar deal. Dorothy doesn’t think it’s a good idea. After each have another bad dream, George and Hazel realize how silly and unnecessary a contract would be. Robby the Robot makes an appearance in a dream sequence as Hazel’s replacement.

October 4, George and Dorothy stop speaking to each other following an argument at a party. Neighborhood gossip hints at divorce, so Hazel decides she needs to find out what happened. Hazel learns from Mert Queenie Leonard that the argument was over how Hazel pampers Dorothy and George feels like a third wheel.

Hazel’s first attempt to bring the two together backfires. Jonathan Hole appears as Fulton the milkman, who happens to have a crush on Hazel. Steven Geray appears as Zoltan. October 11, George’s friend Mr.

Tonetti Peter Mamakos opens a new restaurant, but business is not so good. Tonetti must focus all his energies on impressing Alexander Templeton Alan Hewitt , a snobby restaurant critic, in hopes of getting more customers. Unfortunately, Templeton is not impressed with the food.

Hazel comes up with a plan to get Templeton back to Mr. Tonetti’s restaurant. There, Hazel and the Sunshine Girls make sure the critic has a meal to remember. However, Templeton finds out that it was Hazel and the girls that cooked the meal and still doesn’t give the restaurant a good review. The Baxter’s and Hazel go to the restaurant and it is packed.

It turns out there was a critic from the local paper there the other night and gave the restaurant a rave review. Florence Sundstrom appears as Flo. October 18, After the Baxters’ mailman Barney Robert B. Williams calls in sick and can’t be located, Hazel goes on the hunt for her friend, using an autographed photo of burlesque dancer Boo-Boo Bedoux Corrine Cole as her only clue. Turns out Barney went on a fishing trip.

Jamie Farr appears as a coffee shop counterman. Cyril Delevanti appears as Elderly Man. October 25, Griffin has George set up an educational foundation for disadvantaged youth. Meanwhile, George and Hazel try to stump each other with the definition and spelling of words. Griffin wants to make George the administrator of the foundation. When George and Hazel spell words in front of him, Mr. Griffin takes offense at the perceived slight at his lack of education.

Griffin proceeds to fire George. Hazel gets Mr. Griffin to apologize and rehire George. November 1, George complains to the Internal Revenue Service that he hasn’t received his refund yet.

He speaks to Mr. While waiting for George’s refund check, Hazel claims he didn’t deduct enough for her services to his clients. Floyd now calls for a full audit of George’s return to maybe get George more money. Floyd sends Mr. Perkins Robert Cornthwaite and a group of examiners to the Baxter house.

Meanwhile, Hazel causes snobby Mrs. Fowler Viola Harris to not except a wedding proposal from Mr. Realizing what Hazel did was for the best, Mr. Griffin helps to get the IRS to give George a larger refund. November 8, George is offered a chance at a judicial position, along with two other men, by Arnold Winters Willis Bouchey , president of the State Bar Association.

After thinking about it, George tells Mr. Winters he will accept the appointment if it’s offered to him. Winters tells George that until it’s decided, he must keep this quiet. A proud Hazel spreads all over town that he is already a judge.

George is furious as he will now have to turn down the possible offer. Hazel gives him a gavel as a gift and says how proud she is. George calms down and makes up a story how he is not in a financial position to take the job just yet. November 15, Deirdre does not want this since she thinks Eddie is not good enough for her daughter. Hazel thinks they are still too young to marry and uses psychology to prevent it. November 22, The Baxters lose their dog Smiley on a road trip.

Hazel reads Harold a bedtime story about Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. The next day he sees a gravy boat in Charlie’s Mario Siletti store window and thinks it is a magic lamp.

Hazel and Dorothy tell Harold there is no such thing as a magic lamp and he shouldn’t get his hopes up. However, other things start to happen and Harold thinks it is because of the lamp. Because of some unusual circumstances, a man named Harrison Paul Smith is able to bring Smiley home. Virginia Gregg appears as Miss Tilcy, Harold’s teacher. November 29, George becomes jealous that Harold idolizes Hazel’s championship bowling streak. He decides to secretly take bowling lessons under the assumed name of Willard Armbruster.

George feels he’s gotten good enough to enter the weekly tournament. Hazel finds out that George has been taking the lessons. George beats Hazel and winds up winning the tournament. The next morning Harold asks George if he won. George tells him to check the paper. Harold is disappointed to see that Willard Armbruster won. Bill Zuckert appears as Jack, the bowling instructor.

Bing Russell appears as Alex. December 13, Hazel and Rosie fall all over themselves, competing for the affections of handsome Latin chauffeur Pablo Rivera Robert Lowery , and ignoring other suitors. Hazel gets a date with Pablo to go to the Sunshine Girls picnic. When she realizes how this will effect her friend Mitch and little Harold, she tells Rosie to go with Pablo. December 20, The Johnson’s are having some financial problems. Their stock investments consist of extremely outdated and failing businesses.

Hazel tries to help them cut expenses and suggests that maybe Herbert get a job, despite his lone credential being his degree in ancient languages. George gets Herbert an interview with Mr. Hazel refuses to make any more brownies for Mr. Griffin unless he gives Mr. Johnson a job. Griffin gives Herbert a job handling annoying shareholders. Eleanor Audley appears as Mrs.

Joan Tompkins appears as Miss Adams. December 27, Deirdre allows her daughter Nancy to move back from private school on the condition that she date someone other than Hazel’s nephew, Eddy.

But no other boy seems to come up to Deirdre’s standard. Hazel tries to get Deirdre to let Nancy’s make her own choice. Susan Silo appears as Gabriella, the Johnson’s new maid.

Robert Hogan appears as Bud, a gas station attendant that Deirdre also won’t let Nancy date. January 3, George and Stan fly to California to meet a Mr.

Murdoch on business, but can’t get in contact with him. Hazel takes Stan’s daughter Mavis to meet visiting Senator Sterling Larry Gates , but the girl inadvertently walks out with highly classified documents. The Senator and his assistant Mr. Andrews Stuart Nisbet go on an all out hunt to find them. Meanwhile, George is hunting for the Senator in hopes that he can help with Murdoch. They all meet up at the Baxter’s. The Senator gets his documents and George and Stan get their connection.

Sam Edwards appears as Eddie. January 10, However, a surprise birthday party for Mr. Griffin prevents Hazel from attending an audition in front of a traveling talent scout named Miss Dunbar Jean Willes. Mitch manages to get the Miss Dunbar to visit the party to listen to the group. At first she thinks that George and some of the men singing a fraternity song are the group she is supposed to see, but in the end she gets to hear Hazel’s quartet. January 17, George uses a white lie to get out of meeting with an insurance agent.

When Hazel catches Harold using the same type of white lie, she says everyone has to stop using lies. Hazel has to tell Rosie that her new hat is funny looking because Harold is standing right there. Hazel then has to tell Mr. Boyle Philip Ober , the creator of cleaning product and a potential client for George, that the product doesn’t work.

Boyle storms out of the house, only to come back later and apologize to Hazel. The next day, Rosie comes by with a different hat. This time Hazel, not wanting to hurt Rosie’s feelings again, tells a white lie and says it’s beautiful. January 24, Hazel attempts to stop Mr.

Griffin from continually inviting himself for dinner because his new Scottish cook Angie is bad. George suggests to Mr. Griffin that he pay off her contract and send her back. Hazel finds out that she came to America to find her longtime boyfriend Gordie James Doohan. Hazel gets George to help reunite the two of them. Blake appears as Murphy the Private Detective. Claire Carleton appears as a Beautician. January 31, Hazel’s nephew Walter Frank Aletter , a self-described promoter, arrives with hopes of obtaining a large investment from Mr.

Griffin for a new type of plastic. George and Dorothy begin to question his motives, because he never seems to have any money on him.

Griffin has the plastic and Walter checked out and everything is on the up and up. Griffin invests a large sum of money into the project. George would now like to invest in the plastic, but there are no more shares left. February 7, Harvey Griffin wants to plan a large wedding for his aspiring writer nephew Pete Dick Sargent and George’s stenographer, Maggie. Pete and Maggie just want a simple small ceremony. Hazel is excited when Harvey asks her to help with the plans. Maggie tells Pete that he needs to put his foot down and refuse the big wedding.

Hazel talks Maggie into having the big wedding. Later, Maggie tells Hazel that the wedding is off. She found out that Harvey is buying them a house and wants Pete to work for him. Maggie wants Pete to finish his book and stand up to Harvey. Hazel finds a way to get Pete to tell off Harvey and win back the respect of Maggie.

February 14, Hazel persuades George to buy her a fancy new Davidson vacuum cleaner. But the new vacuum stops working almost immediately. After numerous repairs to no avail, she takes it upon herself to attend the company’s stockholder meeting to see that justice is done.

In the process, she also helps Mr. Davidson James Bell , the head of the company, keep his job. Max Showalter appears as Mr. Starkey, a member of the Davidson company. Byron Foulger appears as Mr. Zimmerman, the vacuum repair man.

Walter Coy appears as the Chairman. February 21, It’s Sunday and it’s Hazel’s day off. Busy Mr. Arden James Westerfield tells George that he will only donate land for a new playground if the contract is drawn up that afternoon. Hazel runs into Mr. Arden on the street not knowing who he is. They become friends, despite the fact that Mr. Arden finds out that Hazel works for George.

Hazel brings him home for dinner and everything works out for the best. And Mr. Arden agrees to slow down and take it easy. William Schallert appears as Robert Kemper, Arden’s attorney.

Percy Helton appears as Cyrano. February 28, George’s sister Deirdre is planning a talent show to raise money for the local children’s hospital. Hazel wants to be part of the show. Deirdre persuades singing teacher Mr. Blackpool Max Showalter to make sure Hazel and Rosie do not pass the audition.

Circumstances force Deirdre to change her mind. Loretta Greene. March 7, Jeremy Webster Vaughn Taylor , George’s former law professor, has written a bestseller and is coming to visit.

Hazel finds out that Celeste Morgan Lurene Tuttle , a local bookstore owner, used to date him long ago and sets out to reunite them. Meanwhile, the small dinner party that George was going to throw for the professor is growing larger and more expensive than he anticipated. Sue England appears as Marie. March 14, Hazel borrows George’s car to attend a shoe sale, guaranteeing that she will be back by noon so George can see Mr.

And on top of that, a briefcase George needs for that meeting is in the car with Hazel. Along the way she is delayed by changing Mr.

Johnson’s bicycle tire, giving an expectant father a ride to the hospital, and comforting the lost girl of a Mexican diplomat who speaks no English. Hazel makes it home before noon and the little girl is reunited with her family.

Ronald Long appears as a shoe salesman. March 21, Hazel battles both George and Mr. Griffin in trying to save the Pocono Trail from development they have planned.

The alternate route would go through the golf course George plays at. She takes George and people from the highway commission to the trail on an overnight hiking trip. Once there, the trail is not as scenic and beautiful as Hazel remembered it.

Everyone else agrees that the highway should go through, until they find out it’s a landslide area, a flood area and a forest fire area. Instead of using the golf course route, the commission decides to use a route that would go through land that Mr.

Griffin was going to build a new factory on. Hugh Sanders appears as Mr. Stettner of the highway commission. Ed Prentiss appears as Mr. Walter Reed appears as Mr. Guy Raymond appears as The Sheriff. March 28, With Hazel’s help, George’s bored and depressed mother Louise Lorimer begins to develop a career as a professional gardener.

At first they try to keep it a secret from George and Dorothy. When George finds out, he reluctantly goes along with the idea. Deirdre thinks it is a servant’s work and her mother should not be doing it. Vinton Hayworth appears as Mr. Tyler McVey appears as Salesman. Sir Horace Torin Thatcher , the town’s new symphony conductor, bans women from the orchestra and fires the daughter of Hazel’s friend Mrs.

Waverly Ann Doran. Hazel tries to get George to change Sir Horace’s mind, but George says there is nothing he can do. Hazel then finds out some compelling information on the conductor. This will lead to the friend’s daughter being reinstated and a few perks for Lady Hobart Doris Singleton , Sir Horace’s wife. Hedley Mattingly appears as Mr. John Zaremba appears as Mr. John McGreevey. April 18, George tries to teach Harold that good luck charms do not work. Hazel destroys a chain letter at George’s request.

Then a series of problems develop before and during the family’s trip to watch Hazel compete in a regional bowling tournament. But it seems that for every bad thing that happens, a good thing happens next.

Hazel goes on to win the tournament. Eddie Quillan appears as a Gas Station Attendant. April 25, Hazel likes to say “I told you so” to George, and Harold starts to think his father is not that knowledgeable. George decides to try and win back his son’s opinion. Hazel tells George not to lift a pile of papers because he might hurt himself.

George says he’s in perfect shape and Hazel shouldn’t worry. He then tries to hide from Hazel that he sprained his back lifting the papers. George explains to Hazel the presence of the family doctor is because Dorothy has a slight cold. Dorothy reluctantly goes along with George’s lie. Hazel promises to never say “I told you so” again. But she goes back on her word when George reveals his back problem.

May 2, Harvey Griffin pulls some strings to have Hazel chosen “Maid of the Month” by a prestigious magazine. Harvey tells Mr. Anderson, the publisher, that he doesn’t want Hazel to know he had anything to do with it. Miss Sharpe, the resentful reporter sent to interview her, is very condescending and attempts to dismiss her abilities.

Miss Sharpe reveals that Hazel was only picked because of Mr. When Mr. Anderson, the publisher, finds out how the reporter treated Hazel, he fires her. Hazel goes to Mr. Anderson and asks him to hire Miss Sharpe back. Virginia Gregg appears as Mr. Anderson’s Secretary. Hazel can’t wait to see him. Harold is afraid Hazel will get married and leave. On their evening out, Gus and Hazel go to a few of their old hangouts, but the places have all changed.

Gus asks Hazel to marry him, but she explains to him that he would never be happy settling down. George’s partner Mr. George invites the Sudleys over for dinner next Saturday. Dorothy and George go out to dinner with the Butterworths. The Sudleys, who mistakenly have the wrong night, arrive at the Baxter house.

Hazel, with her cooking, charms the important and finicky dinner guests. The Sudleys would like to hire Hazel away from the Baxters. Hazel turns down the offer and Mr. Sudley commends her on her loyalty. Despite the mix up, the Sudleys agree to come back on the correct evening for dinner.

September 26, After George’s cousin’s father dies, she moves in with the Baxters until she can get on her feet again. Gracie Linda Watkins is a shy, repressed, home bound spinster. Hazel changes Gracie into an outspoken bachelor girl, taking her to a carnival, and finally getting her a job as a maid.

Herb Vigran appears as Mickey. October 3, When Dorothy leaves town to help her aunt care for a new baby, Rosie tells Hazel to watch Mr. B, because “When the Cats away George invites several friends over for poker. George’s one friend, Jack Spencer, just had a big fight with his girlfriend Dr. Phyllis Gordon Bek Nelson. George thinks it would be a good idea to invite her to the game and maybe Jack and her can patch things up.

When Hazel meets Phyllis, and not knowing that Phyllis is Jack’s girlfriend, she begins to think Rosie was right. Hazel tries to keep George and Phyllis separated during the game, until she finds out the doctor is taken.

October 10, Dorothy is still out of town helping her aunt who has a broken heel. Hazel won third prize in a recipe contest. Miss Minnie Ellen Corby , an old woman who repairs antiques, gives George a broken down roll-top desk as payment for his legal help. He is annoyed at first, even though Miss Minnie says that it may be connected with Abraham Lincoln.

Miss Minnie brings Mr. He would like to see the desk. Meanwhile, Hazel sells the desk to Charlie Mario Siletti the antique dealer.

George now has to buy the desk back at a higher price. Wilcox looks at the desk and says it was definitely not Lincoln’s desk. Now George and Hazel try to get Charlie to take the desk back again. Louise Lorimer appears as George’s mother. Eddie Quillan appears as a Mover. October 17, Dorothy has been out-of-town taking care of Aunt Barbara and her kids, so Hazel does her best to cheer up a lonely George. Betty Lou Gerson. Raymond Guth. Dan Tobin. Sheila Bromley. Mary Grace Canfield. Virginia Gregg.

John Litel. Mary Jackson. Elvia Allman. Sam Edwards. John Astin. Byron Foulger. Don Kennedy. Peg La Centra. Howard Wendell. Walter Reed. Harry Ellerbe. Henry Beckman. Kathie Browne. Doris Singleton. Eleanor Audley. Johnny Washbrook. Frank Cady. Gertrude Flynn. Dan Tobin. Renee Godfrey. Raymond Guth. Mary Jackson. Sam Edwards. Peg La Centra. John Astin. Byron Foulger. John Litel. Elvia Allman. Don Kennedy. Walter Reed. Howard Wendell. Kathie Browne. Harry Ellerbe. Henry Beckman. Hal Baylor.

Eleanor Audley.


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